Please also refer Tone Tubes policies for further details


How do I place an order?

You can order and pay directly from our online store at www.tonetubes.co.za.  Alternately contact us with your requirements and contact details including shipping address at sales@tonetubes.co.za, and we can assist by placing an order on your behalf.  Once an order has been placed, the invoice and shipping confirmation will be emailed to your email address.


Why must I register on your website in order to place orders?

In order to process order invoices and generate shipping waybills our online store requires all customers to provide certain contact information. Personal data collected from you during use of our website will only be used by Tone Tubes to process your orders, to personalise and improve your customer experience, and to improve our website.  We will not trade, sell or otherwise provide personal data to outside parties.  Registration ensures that this personal data is secured and protected by confidential login details known only to you.  We do not store any credit card or other banking details on our site.  Please refer to our full Privacy Policy contained within the Policies document on this website.


How do I remove my details from your website registered customer list?

Please contact us at sales@tonetubes.co.za and we will assist to delete your details from our database.


How do I know what tubes to order for my amp?

If you are unsure about which tubes to order (type and/or brand) feel free to contact us at sales@tonetubes.co.za and we will gladly assist.


Do you have stock of XYZ…?

We strive to carry stock of all tubes and components shown on our website.  Select the “specification” tab of any item to establish the quantity available in stock.  If we do experience a stockout then the website will indicate "out of stock" and not allow the item to be ordered.  If the tube or component you are looking for is not shown on our website then please contact us at sales@tonetubes.co.za with details, and we will endeavour to support you and identify a source as soon as possible.


What if you do not stock what I’m looking for?

Please contact us at sales@tonetubes.co.za with your specific requirements and we will always try to assist, either by importing them in our next stock order if available, or possibly by recommending alternate local sources if the required tubes are not stocked as normal inventory, or rare.


What forms of payment do you accept?

When ordering online, you can select from EFT / Cash, or Payfast (Credit Card / Masterpass / Zapper / SCode / Mobicred) payment options during the shopping basket checkout process.  Cash payments can only be accepted for orders pre-arranged for collection.  When choosing the EFT option, we require proof of payment prior to order shipment. For Credit Card and related payments we utilise the 3rd party payment gateway Payfast, and you will be redirected to their secure website to conclude the transaction.  We do not store any credit card or other banking details on our website.


What is Mobicred?

Mobicred is a simple & convenient credit facility that allows you to safely shop online. Your Mobicred account allows you to make one single consolidated monthly payment for all your purchases with a revolving credit limit - allowing you to spend whatever you re-pay. Easy online credit application with an instant response.

How does it work?

  • Apply Online - Complete a simple online one-page credit application form and get an instant response.  www.mobicred.co.za
  • Accept Terms - Accept Mobicred terms and conditions and secure your credit limit.
  • Submit Documents - Upload or email Mobicred your documents to complete the application process.
  • Go Shopping - You are now ready to shop online.


Proceed to checkout and choose the Payfast option as a payment method. You will be redirected to the Payfast portal, with Mobicred listed as a payment option.


Does Tone Tubes have a VAT number?

We are not registered as a VAT vendor, and do not have a VAT number at this stage. As such we are unable to provide tax invoices in this regard.


Do you accept orders from Namibia? (or anywhere outside of South Africa)

We are unable to accept or process international orders at this time.  


Can I change my order once placed?

Prior to check out, you can freely revise and update your order.  After you have checked out, confirmed orders in our system can only be changed by us, and we will accommodate your change requests as far as possible.  Orders already completed and packed for shipment cannot be revised.  We process orders quickly, so the best approach is to contact us urgently at sales@tonetubes.co.za and we will confirm if the change request can still be supported. 


Can I cancel my order once placed?

We will always try to accommodate cancellations so please contact us urgently at sales@tonetubes.so.za and we will confirm if cancellation is still possible.  Orders already packed and handed over to the Courier cannot be cancelled.


What is your minimum order?

We do not have a minimum order policy and are happy to ship even one small item.


I have forgotten my password; how can I retrieve it?

If you have forgotten your password, you can resolve this by using our password recovery process. Simply click on the “forgotten your password” link on our login page and follow the instructions provided to update your password. 



Where are you based?

We are an online only store, based in Jeffreys Bay, just outside of Port Elizabeth.  


Can I collect my order?

Collection of orders by prior arrangement is possible and can be selected from our shipping options during the online checkout process.  Selection of the collection option also removes shipping costs from your order.


What shipping options do you use?

At this time, we offer 4 shipping options, namely “Collection”, "PUDO Lockers", “Postnet2Postnet” and “Aramex store to door”.  Shipping costs are for your account and calculated during our online store checkout process based upon the selected option.

Postnet2Postnet – R99:  Ideal for customers who only have a PO Box address, or who are not at home during working hours to receive their delivery. Typically takes 3 – 4 working days for delivery, and you need to collect the parcel from the specified Postnet branch.

Aramex store to door – R100:  Ideal for customers who have a street shipping address, and who can receive their delivery during working hours. Typically takes 2 - 3 working days, delivered to your door.

PUDO - R50: Can only be used for small orders < R700.  Will be shipped to the nearest convenient PUDO lockers where the package may be collected 24/7. Typically takes 3 - 5 working days. 

We now provide free shipping on all orders above R1600.00, either with Aramex store to door, or Postnet2Postnet

Regional areas and KZN, please allow 1 extra working day for delivery of all orders.

Courier costs are direct passthrough charges.

We are happy to accommodate other shipping options at your request.  Please contact us at sales@tonetubes.co.za to discuss your requirements.


Can you ship COD?

No.  At this stage our couriers do not offer COD facilities.  


How long will it take to process and ship my order?

Orders are processed for shipment daily, and orders finalised before 12h00 on working days will be handed to the Couriers on the same day.  Orders placed after the 12h00 cut-off will be handed to the Couriers on the following working day.  Shipment time depends on the Courier selected.  Aramex store to door typically takes 1 -2 working days, and Postnet2Postnet takes 3-4 working days.  (Regional areas, please allow 1 extra working day for delivery of all orders)  Please note that we cannot guarantee delivery times using these services.


Can I track my shipments online?

Yes - Our couriers do offer online tracking, and waybill details are available upon request.  Should you have any questions pertaining to your order shipping status, please contact us at sales@tonetubes.co.za for further assistance.  


What happens if my shipment is damaged?

We package our products very carefully and have not had any issues in hundreds of shipments.  If shipping damage does arise please contact us as soon as possible at sales@tonetubes.co.za, providing full details and we will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 


Can I have my order shipped directly to my amp technician?

Yes – we will ship to any street address identified as your shipping address during checkout.  Alternately, contact us at sales@tonetubes.co.za to make arrangements.


Help! - My order did not arrive. What now?

Contact us immediately at sales@tonetubes.co.za and we will work with the courier company to trace your missing order?



Are your products new?

Yes – we only sell new products.  Upon request we are able to source some obsolete "New Old Stock" or "NOS" tubes so feel free to contact us with any special requests.  We are unable to offer matching or warranty on NOS tubes.


Where do you buy your vacuum tubes?

We source and import the majority of our vacuum tubes and other products from large and reputable wholesalers in the USA and Europe.  They in turn purchase tubes from the main tube manufacturers, namely JJ Electronic (Slovakia),  Reflektor/New Sensor (Russia) and Shuguang (China), and other products from the respective component manufacturers. 

At this stage we mainly purchase tube brands produced by JJ Electronic, New Sensor, (EHX, Mullard, Tung-Sol & Sovtek) and Tube Amp Doctor - TAD, but can purchase other tube brands upon specific customer request. (Psvane, Shuguang etc.)  With the prior agreement of the customer, we also use a few alternate suppliers for NOS / rare tubes on an ad-hoc basis.


Do Fender (or Marshall, Peavey, Vox, Mesa/Boogie or XYZ) make their own tubes?

No – There are only 3 volume tube manufacturers remaining, and they produce various tube brands.  It has been common industry practice for many years for certain amp manufacturers and volume tube resellers to purchase “house brand” tubes from the volume manufacturers for resale under their own labels.  


Do you warrant your products?

We provide a 30 days limited product warranty on tubes and other components purchased from us.  This warranty covers manufacturer defects but not improper usage by the end user. Our warranty does not cover equipment damages arising from products purchased from us.  Product modifications shall void our warranty. 

We reserve the right to replace or refund defective product at our sole discretion. Refunds exclude shipping costs. If requested, products shall be returned to us for investigation, and these shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility.  We will ship any replacement product back to you at our cost.


What is your returns policy?

If you have an item to return, please send an email with details to sales@tonetubes.co.za and we will review your request. Please understand that we cannot accept return of used, non-defective products.

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and cannot be refunded by Tone Tubes.

All returned goods must be returned in the original and undamaged product packaging in order for the return to be processed.


How do you test your vacuum tubes?

All of the vacuum tubes we sell are fully tested by the manufacturers before shipping.  In addition, we also test all tubes again prior to sale.  We use an Orange VT1000 tube tester to perform over 20 electrical performance tests in accordance with product specifications in order to ensure that only high-quality tubes are shipped.


Can you match preamp tubes?

Typically, preamp tubes are not matched, and this is generally not required in guitar amplifiers.  On occasion it might be desirable to use “balanced” dual triode preamp tubes in specific hi-fi applications, (meaning both triodes inside the tube have similar plate current draw) and we can support selection of balance tubes upon request.  It is not possible however to match different preamp tubes.

Due to limited stocks we are unable to offer more than 2 balanced preamp tubes per order.


Can you match power tubes?

Yes – when ordered in pairs or quads all of our power tubes are supplied matched.  We use Apex matching in the USA for this.  Matching is already included in the prices, and we do not charge extra for matching.

Please visit https://www.apexmatching.com for more information.


Do my new tubes require bias adjustment?

Preamp tubes do not require bias adjustment and are generally “plug and play”.

Power tubes often do require bias adjustment, this is amp design specific.  If unsure, refer to your owner’s manual, or feel free to contact us at sales@tonetubes.co.za for assistance in this regard.  Incorrect tube bias adjustment can cause damage to new tubes and your amp!

Our website also lists a number of Amp Technicians who can assist with this and other repairs. Please visit the Amp Repairs page for further info. 


Can you supply the datasheet for tube XYZ?

Yes – all manufacturer datasheets can be downloaded from our website in PDF format by clicking on the datasheet link provided on each product page.






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